Cyber Entertainment Agency

organizing recreational and competitive video game events


Cyber Entertainment Agency


Cyber Entertainment Agency (CEA) serves both the Canadian industry and the community of gamers by promoting brands and products through recreational and competitive video games events. We offer an innovative, modern, fun and effective approach of reaching the tech-savvy market. We view ourselves as partners with our investors, our employees, our community and our environment.


2013 – World Cyber Games Best Digital Performance


Video Game Activities

  • Video game competitions
  • Booth concepts and activities
  • Technical and gaming-centric staffing
  • IT planning and deployment
  • Specialized equipment and technology

Live Streaming

  • Live video streaming and production
  • Custom data and graphics overlays

Online Engagement

  • Online video game activities and tournaments
  • Content marketing and social media management
  • Website design and development
  • Live video streaming and production

Strategy and Execution

  • Video game event planification
  • Business development
  • Analysis and evaluation
  • Technical planning and execution
  • Product ideation


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